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Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel More Like Home

Ways to get settled into your new community.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling nervous or overwhelmed about the newest chapter of your retirement – in fact, it’s completely normal! However, we hope to show how you can ease the transition with these simple ways to make your new apartment feel like home right from the start. Follow these simple steps to bring touches of your personality and style into your apartment, which will in turn help you to feel more settled as soon as possible.


Find a fresh start.

  1. Find a community that feels comfortable to you. When looking at different communities, take notice of how friendly the staff and residents are and how they interact with one another. If it’s the right fit, you’ll feel warmly welcomed and at ease.
  2. Check community guidelines. Once you’ve found the ideal community, an important first step is to look into any rules or recommendations it has when moving into its residences. By doing so, you’ll know about any restrictions up front as you or your loved one get settled.
  3. Decide what furniture to use. Use our floor plans and square footage information to start measuring your furniture and determining what pieces will best fit in your new space. You can also decide if you need to purchase anything – comfortable seating, storage pieces and multi-functional furniture can be especially useful when you downsize.
  4. Reflect your personality in your décor. It’s exciting to start with a blank slate but be careful not to over clutter, especially when moving into a smaller space. Many residents bring familiar décor from their former home, while others incorporate a fun new theme or design – whatever makes you happiest!
  5. Display photos and other memories. Find a place for special items that bring back fond memories and personalize your apartment. By displaying photos of family, friends and special memories, you’ll not only enjoy seeing their familiar faces but also be able to share your life experiences with those who visit your apartment.
  6. Put yourself out there. A major part of feeling at home in your new community is getting to know the people around you. Dine in common areas with other residents, join community activities and visit with your neighbors to begin getting comfortable. You can also plan your own get-togethers or invite someone for a one-on-one chat.
  7. Stay in touch. It’s more important than ever to remain connected to friends and family outside of your new community. People we love are what truly creates a “home” so invite them over to see your new digs and introduce them to your new friends and neighbors!
  8. Create new memories. Once you get settled at your new community, the opportunities will be endless. Whether creating new décor in art class, enjoying fitness opportunities or making new friends, you’ll find the more involved you become, the more at home you will feel.


Although it’s normal to feel a little homesick in a new setting, the team at The Reserve is always here to do whatever it takes to help you feel more comfortable. Take some time to settle in and before you know it, you’ll be living life to the fullest in your new home.

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